If you get yourself some elderberries*, you're going to want some honey to go with it!  As dried, these berries preserve quite well for nearly forever, so it is best to make small batches of teas, glycerites and syrups to consume quickly to prevent molding.


Our dried Elderberries* (Sambucus Nigra) are of the European variety, are organically sourced and/or wildcrafted.  Your purchase of this packet, comes with our Easy to Make, Elderberry Syrup recipe (just be sure to have some honey on hand as well).. Enjoy!


*Elderberries have become quite popular lately; and in this current time of challenge, they have increased in price and are sadly running out of stock with all of our suppliers :(.  If you would like to be notified when we have more available, send us a message through our CONTACT PAGE and title your subject 'Elderberries'.  Also, please note the price is subject to change based on the rise and fall of what we can purchase for.


  • Contains: Dried Elderberries (Sambucus Nigra), with our easy to follow/easy to make, Elderberry Syrup Recipe.. Enjoy!