We have used this type of baby bottle and nipple on our dairy, to bottle feed our babes, since 2007!  When these nipples were hard to find, we tried others.. our discovery, that these are the very best with Goat Babes!


These baby bottles are 9oz bottles, perfectly marked, so they start your babes off right, and continue them through their 10-12 weeks of bottle feeding.  Start with one, add a second as your babe's milk needs increase!


These nipples are lamb/kid nipples, you cut the tip off as necessary for the perfect flow of your babe's needs.  They fit wonderfully inside of the baby bottle rings! 


Notes: Colors of baby bottle rings will vary, the bottle with colostrum is for image purposes only (the bottles Do Not come with colostrum nor milk).


  • Contains: One (1) Baby Bottle, One (1) Lamb/Kid Nipple