With the help of a livestock nutritionist, we formulated this grain blend back in 2008. We have this blend custom mixed, and have been feeding it to our dairy (cows & goats), horses and hogs (our flocks like it to mostly pick out the seeds!). Our blend is estimated at around 16% Protein.


NO Corn/NO Wheat/NO Soy!  Our blend contains Oats, Barley, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, a Probiotic Yeast Enzyme and Molasses!  Shine up your livestock coats.. increase milk production and milk quality.. support digestion, with the Omega 3-EFA Seeds, the quality protein of Oats and Barley, and digestive activation with pro-biotic yeast enzyme!


Our All Stock Blend contains NO Preservatives, NO added Minerals, NO added Salts.. its is suggested that you offer minerals and salts at free choice for your livestock to collect as they need to.. Enjoy!


  • Contains: One 50lb Bag (see full description under the photo!)