100% Organically, Natural.. Our Raw Goat's Milk is Produced right here, on our Ranch, hand-milked from our Nubian Dairy Goats!  We handle all of our goat's milk for your pet's consumption or your craft use, just the same as we do to consume raw for our family.. cleanly, safely, properly filtered and quick chilled! 


*Pet Consumption and Craft Use Goat's milk is freshly frozen, shortly after collection.  This milk is labeled and dated, specifically for pet consumption and/or craft use (soaps, lotions, etc.).


Please note: We do NOT sell raw milk for human consumption because doing so is NOT allowed in Colorado. We do NOT ship raw milk, again, NOT allowed. If you are interested in a herd share for your personal consumption use, visit our website link 'herdshare'.


  • 100% Organically, Natural Raw Goat's Milk.. for Pet Consumption and/or Craft Use.