Raw Goat's Milk 

Our dairy goats are Purebred Nubians!


Nubians are said to be the 'Jersey of the Goat World', they produce the richest, creamiest milk of all goat breeds. Fresh, Raw, Nubian Goat Milk is delicious with OUT the 'goaty' flavor of heat pasteurized grocery milk.

- Raw Goat's milk is naturally homogenized, smaller fat globules, easier digestion and nearly 100% comparable to human breast milk (most of our families use raw goat's milk to feed their infants, either to supplement natural breast feeding, or to replace chemical, synthetic baby formulas).  

- Raw Goat's milk is alive with natural pre-biotics, probiotics and living enzymes (including lactase), that aid in digestion, so folks who are lactose intolerant, may have the ability to enjoy (raw) milk.


- Raw Goat's milk is a most versatile milk, in it's nutritional composition to feed all baby mammals, including human infants.  Raw Goat's milk is also naturally A2A2 in it's casein protein, so for folks allergic to the A1 beta casein protein in most cows, goat's milk may be a healthier alternative.

How Much Does it Cost?  


First, be sure to read our Raw Milk Page to understand HerdSharing, and why we do it! It is the only legal way to consume raw milk in CO!

HerdShare prices for Human Consumption are as follows:

  • $35.00 Initial one time fee to buy your share (includes a ranch tour, contracts, boarding agreements,certificate and half gallon glass bottle use)

  • Plus your monthly boarding dues* to help feed and care for the dairy herds:

    • $60.00 per month per full share (approx 1 gallon* of milk per week)

    • $35.00 per month per half share (approx 1/2 gallon* of milk per week)

Pet/Craft Milk, Frozen, Dated, and Labeled as such.. price as follows:

  • $5.00 per quart with a four quart minimum. (No contract, or boarding agreements required, as sale for pet/craft milk is allowable by law.)

* Understand this.. The exact milk amount in a share, is dependent upon total collection of milk supply, divided equally amongst share holders.  You are buying into a dairy herd, paying boarding dues to help feed and care for the herd, whether they produce or not. You are not buying milk, the milk produced is a gift from the dairy herd, for your participation in the herd share program.

* Fees and/or prices are subject to change without advanced notice.

Our Nubian Herd, happily browsing the blessed earth.. with their babes.