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  • What do you believe?
    "We believe in one God, the Father, the almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.".. the Nicene Creed
  • Do you deliver?
    No Deliveries. Due to the fact that we are working the ranch, caring for our livestock and our family's needs 24/7/365, we are limited to time off the ranch for occassional personal need appointments and supply errands only. All products are picked up at the ranch, unless ordering items from the online shop that may be shipable.
  • Do you sell raw cream or raw butter [separate from HerdSharing]?
    No. We do NOT sell raw milk, nor raw butter, nor raw cream. It is NOT legal in our state of Colorado to buy or sell raw dairy for human consumption. The ONLY way that we distribute raw milk for human consumption is by way of legal HerdSharing. You can learn more about our HerdShare program on our 'RAW MILK' page. Seeing raw milk dairy products (typically cheese) available in the local grocery stores generally means that one likely obtained a manufacturer's license with the state and state health department that allows them to manufacture and to sell their products. We don't know how or where these manufacturers obtain the raw milk for their manufacturing. We recommend that you contact them directly to ask your Q's. Also, discovering raw milk dairy products for sale (cream, butter, cheese, etc) on other websites or through community/social/list sites is not clearly defined as allowable by Colorado law, and may be putting the producer and consumer at risk of legal actions.
  • Can I put my share on hold for [travel, missed milk pickups, etc]?
    No, we do not put shares on hold.. as there is not a way to put a creature on hold from food, water, shelter, care or from being milked [with regards to a dairy creature]. Your boarding dues are being collected to care for your share of the herd. Remember that we are not selling, nor buying milk. Your milk is essentially a gift to you, from the herd, for helping to provide for them. We can hold your milk for up to a few days after your scheduled pick up day (provided that we have the refrigerator space to do so). You can also elect a friend or family member to pick up your milk for you; or you can request that we discard or donate your milk to another share family. You may also release your share at any time and return to our waitlist if you prefer this as an option. We kindly ask for a 30day notice in this event so that we may adjust financially for the herd care while we invite an new family to purchase the open share. Note that there is no guarantee on when you could purchase a share and resume pickups. To be fair to all who are waiting, we go in order of our waitlist.
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