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A Bit About Our Spoiled Mama Cows

Our dairy cows are Purebred Jerseys, some with a kiss of Golden Guernsey. We started with the blessing of two purebred Jersey mamas, Ida and Truffle.. because a cow always needs a friend, it's just best to have two! Truffle appeared to have been kissed with Guernsey somewhere in her past genetics, she was beautifully tri-colored painted with sable and white patched into her Jersey fawn. Ida & Truffle were seasoned dairy cows, we purchased them already bred, they were health tested, clean, cleared and free from disease. Ida and Truffle were our most beloved matriarchs, they taught us how to be (cow) dairy farmers, they were amazing mamas, loved their babes, grand babes, and their entire herd, they provided much nourishment to so many families, they began our herd that we have today.

Jersey Cows produce the richest, creamiest milk of all cow breeds. You will see that for yourself when you collect your bottles of raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized, Jersey milk. The delicious cream will rise at the top of your bottle.

Guernsey Cows produce a golden in color of creamy milk.  Very closely related to Jersey Cows, the Guernseys are also well known for their creamy, whole fat milk.

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An important study published in 2015 confirms what many mothers have observed—children on raw milk don’t get sick as often.


Published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the study compared health outcomes in almost one thousand European infants consuming raw milk, pasteurized milk or ultra-high temperature pasteurized milk with the occurrence of respiratory tract infections, rhinitis (runny nose), otitis (ear infections) and fever.

The study also researched and revealed many more beneficial health factors, proving that raw milk is an inherently safe food, it provides Nature’s best protection against illness in both children and adults.

This information is provided by the Weston A.Price Foundation, more info about the Nourishing Benefits of RAW milk can be found on REALMILK.COM .. OR .. sign up and take a CLASS with us, HERE!

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How much does it cost?  


We are a Raw Milk Dairy, and we HERDSHARE, by way of the Colorado Senate Bill 05-055.  Families buy a percentage of the dairy herd and pay boarding dues, that help to feed and care for the herd, thus.. entitling share families to an equal percentage of milk production.

(COW) HerdShare prices are as follows:

  • $50.00 Initial one time fee to buy your share (includes an invite to join our monthly dairy tour, contract, boarding agreements, and half gallon glass jar usage).

  • Plus monthly boarding dues* that feed and care for the dairy herd:

    • $65.00 per month per full share (1 gallon* of milk per week, peak season).

    • $35.00 per month per half share (1/2 gallon* of milk per week, peak season).

We NO LONGER offer (GOAT) HerdShares.

*Understand this.. The exact milk amount of a share, is dependent upon total collection of milk supply, divided equally amongst share holders. You are buying into a dairy herd, paying boarding dues to help feed, care for, and house the herd, whether they produce milk or not. You are not buying milk, the milk produced is a gift from the dairy herd, for your participation in the herd share program.

(Fees are subject to change without advanced notice.)

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