Committed to promoting wellness, sustainability, assisting God's creatures, His Mother Earth, our community, our collective future, and providing honest to goodness food to you and yours!

Organically Natural, Raw Milk

Legacy Family Dairy, at the Historic Allis Ranch, has Jersey/Guernsey cows, and Nubian goats.. with creamy, rich, nourishing, wholesome milk. Mamas graze our grass pastures during the growing season, from spring to fall. They continue on baled, grass/alfalfa, hay in the winter season. At milking time, mamas are supplemented with our own, custom blended, grain ration. Our formula is a blend of oats, barley, black oil sunflower and flax seeds, molasses and pro-biotic enzymes..  NO corn, NO wheat and NO soy.

We are a Raw Milk Dairy, and we HERDSHARE, by way of the Colorado Senate Bill 05-055.  What does that mean?  Well in the land of Colorado, the law states that you must own a percentage of the dairy herd, in order to consume raw milk (for human consumption).  So, families buy a percentage of the dairy herd(s) and pay boarding dues, that help to feed and care for the herds, thus.. entitling share families to an equal percentage of milk production.  


We do not sell raw milk for human consumption, it is a gift to you, provided by the dairy herds, for paying your boarding dues to help care for them.  Sometimes the dairy herds produce milk, and sometimes they don't.. understand that you are paying boarding dues to help feed and care for them, regardless of milk production!

See our GOAT MILK & COW MILK pages to learn more about our herdshare programs.

What do We Believe?


  • In Jesus Christ, in God we Trust!

  • We believe in using the tools, and gifts that God provides to us.

  • We believe in Family.

  • We believe in sustainability.

  • We believe in supporting our local community.

  • God made a Farmer/Rancher.

Why Naturally Rasied?


  • We are what we eat. Good in.. Good out.

  • The more natural the food, the easier it is for the body to utilize.

  • It is more beneficial for the livestock.

  • It is more sustainable for Mother Earth.

  • It is a life provision for future generations.

  • It is a commitment to stewardship.