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The $50* selection is for your INITIAL HerdShare purchase, that will also include your herdshare meet and greet, your paperwork and glass jars for usage for milk collection.


** You will have TEN [10] days from the day of your purchase to schedule your meet and greet, to bring your paperwork and to begin your milk pickups. Failure to do so will result in the RELEASE of your HerdShare. The COWS are fed and cared for daily, your boarding dues are necessary to help feed and care for them.**


*BOARDING DUES are NOT included with the HerdShare purchase. Boarding dues will be invoiced at the time of purchase and monthly thereafter [so long as you retain your HerdShare]. Currently, Boarding Dues are $65/mo for FULL shares; and, $35/mo for HALF shares. Read more info about HerdSharing, how it works and why we do it, on our 'RAW MILK' page.


NOTE: Herdshares may Open and Close month to month. We will add shares to our online shop on Monday mornings, as they open. Please check back on Monday mornings! Our waitlist has grown beyond our ability to manage it personally.


Out of Stock
  • Contains the Inital herdshare, plus Additional herdshare(s) if you wish to add.

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