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  • Our Kefir grains are alive, from a living culture that dates back over 100yrs.. kept alive, cultured, consumed, passed down from our generations of parents, grandparents and greats!


    We culture our Kefir grains in organically-natural, raw milk, from our grass grazing cows and/or goats.  Our Kefir grains are completely FREE from antibotics, FREE from chemicals and FREE from GMO's.. we care about what we consume and feed to our kids too!


    Your Kefir grains will arrive in a small amount of milk, to keep them living during shipment to you! As soon as you receive your Kefir grains, strain them, and rinse them, with non-chlorinated water. Place your Kefir grains in a cleaned, glass, quart sized jar, fill them with milk of your choice, cow or goat. Raw milk is best for the grains to thrive, but single pasteurized, organic milk will do too. A short and simple instruction memo will be included with your Kefir grains.


    Note: Avoid Ultra-heat, Ultra-pasteurized milk. There is no nourishing life in ultra-heated milk, the Kefir grains will not produce well and will eventually die in ultra-heated milk. Kefir grains are living grains, they need life, to gift us with good gut life.. Enjoy!


    • Contains 1 TBSP Live Kefir Grains (shipped in a small amout of milk to feed and carry your Kefir grains).

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