Committed to humanely raising our ranch meats, in a way that is pleasing to God and that promotes Goodness in healthy wellness to you and yours!



Just like we raise our dairy animals..

NO Hormones, NO Chemicals, NO Antibiotics.


Born* and humanely raised on our (Greenland) pasture here in Larkspur, Colorado, and cared for with the herbs God intended.. Healthy and hardy from birth to processing.

(* our hogs are born with their mamas, in Colorado, on a local, small family hog farm.. they are humanely, caring, hog farmers as we are dairy farmers and cattle ranchers!  We collect piglets when they are weaned from their mamas).


Throughout the year we have a limited supply available, but we do take reservations for upcoming beef, goat, and pork orders.

All livestock are sold on live weight.. additionally, Customer is responsible for paying processing fees on hanging weight.

Please CLICK HERE to contact us for current prices and availability.



Our beef is 100% Grass Grazed, Grass Finished!

  • Whole - $2.50* /pound, on live weight

  • Half - $2.50* /pound, on live weight

  • Ground Burger - $8.00* /pound, as available

  • Beef Bundles* - Occasionally, after all halves and wholes are sold first! Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

* Our beef mamas birth every spring, and our dairy mamas are birthing throughout the year.. please contact us if you have preference to purchase a weaned calf!

100% Natural Pork raised on whole fat raw milk from our dairy, alfalfa, oats, barley and allowed to root as pigs do!
  • Whole - $3.60 /pound, on live weight

  • Half - $3.89 /pound, on live weight

* If you have preference to purchase piglets, to raise and finish for yourself.. please contact us to reserve!


Our Goat Meat 'Chevon' is alfalfa fed and allowed to naturally browse, as goats do!

  • Whole - $3.50 /pound on live weight

  • Ground Chevon $15/pound, as available

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*If you prefer to purchase a bottle baby, to raise for yourself, contact us in March to reserve!  Bottle babes are generally available through April/May.